Kenneth B. Brewer

Cabinet:  Folding lyre leg style; rosewood with lyre legs and wooden stretcher for iron pedals; includes small music rack and velvet covered candle stands.  Silver nameplate; original finish is almost perfect.

Dimensions:   37 "  x  19 ", 29" from top of case to floor.

Action:  Single keyboard of 61 notes; 8' pitch.  Small single pump bellows with reservoir (all to be recovered).  Left pedal is swell (volume) and right is pump.  Suction type bellows system.

Probably the best of the single manual, single set of reeds melodeons.  In pristine condition with music rack (most melodeons of this size did not have one) and original velvet on rectangular candle stands on either side of music rack.  Keyboard is beautiful all original ivory.  Museum quality condition!

Antique 1864 Treat & Davis Melodeon
Antique 1864 Treat & Davis Melodeon

Treat & Davis Melodeon - 1864

Date: Ca. 1864

Keyboard compass: Single Keyboard Key covering:  Excellent original ivory with boxwood fronts and ebony sharps.

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