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Reed organs, or pump organs, were very popular from about 1870 to around 1920.  They graced the parlor of many homes in the United States and their counterpart, the harmonium, was used much in Europe.  I have restored over 200 reed organs through the years and usually have several in stock.
Antique Reed Organs title

Cabinet: Walnut with gold stenciling; original finish.  Color and grain is good. Gold stenciling and name are somewhat faded; has 4 small turned legs.

Mechanical Organette Co.Player Organ
ca. 1880

Beckwith (Sears)
Reed Organ 2 ranks

Beckwith (Sears)
Reed Organ 4 ranks

Cabinet: Solid walnut case with carving and scroll type carved legs.  Open cut grills on either side of music rack and below keys.  Missing original decorative top but is the style that looks complete without it. 

Cabinet: Carved oak cabinet with open cut grills either side of music rack and underneath keyboard.  Carved front legs with lions heads and feet.  Missing original decorative top but is the style that looks complete without it.

Antique Beckwith Player Organ
Antique Organette Player Organ
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