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The melodeon is the forerunner of the pump organ and was built from about the mid 1840's to the early 1870's.  Many of the larger ones looked like small square pianos; and some were actually advertised to be in a piano style case.  These are wind rolex replica uk instruments with brass reeds to make the sound.  One characteristic of this type instrument is that it only has one pedal to power the bellows system.  The other pedal is a volume pedal.  These are true antiques by any standard with the newest ones being over 130 years old.

Antique Melodeons title

Cabinet: Beautiful early rosewood; has four octagonal tapered legs and wooden pedal lyre; brass pedals.  Beautiful original finish.

Charles Austin
Two Manual Melodeon
ca. 1855

Cabinet: Rosewood with elegant moldings and recessed molded panels on each replica handbags for sale side of front; open grills  underneath each keyboard; octagonal tapered legs and early style open cut music rack.  Finish is somewhat dry and cracked but is presentable. 

George Prince
Two Manual Melodeon

Cabinet: Folding lyre leg style; rosewood with lyre legs and wooden cheap replica rolex stretcher for iron pedals; includes small music rack and velvet covered candle stands.  Silver nameplate; original finish is almost perfect.

Treat & Davis

Cabinet:Mostly original finish; parts that have been touched up were not replica watches sale uk stripped; square piano style with scalloped molding around bottom of case and four carved cabriole legs. Body is rosewood, legs are poplar longines replica sale stained and grained to match.  Beautiful museum quality look.

George Prince
Two Manual Melodeon

Antique Charles Austin Melodeon
Antique George Prince Melodeon organ
Antique Treat & Davis Melodeon
Antique George Prince Two Manual Melodeon
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