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19 10 Beckwith Reed Organ 4 ranks

Cabinet: Carved oak cabinet with open cut grills either side of music rack and underneath keyboard.  Carved front legs with lions heads and feet.  Missing original decorative top but is the style that looks complete without it.

Dimensions:  43 " wide, 23 " in depth, and 48 " tall.

Action: This organ has the largest action Beckwith offered with four complete ranks of reeds (244).  Has 17 stops with a divided keyboard for separate controls of bass and treble.  Has 16', 8', 4' and 2' in the bass half and 16', 8', 8', and 4' in the treble; with couplers, swells and tremolo.  Also with full organ knee lever and swell lever.

To be restored; with 4 ranks of reeds on a divided keyboard there is lots of variety and power.  Many combinations are possible and the full organ strong and powerful.  Bellows completely recovered with best pneumatic cloth and leather.  A reed organ properly restored and maintained will function for around 75 years or more before any major repair may be needed.  Large organs with this action are not at all common.

19 10 Beckwith Reed Organ 4 ranks

Beckwith (Sears) - Reed Organ - 4 ranks

Date: Ca. 1910

Serial #:  1130608

Keyboard compass:      61 note 5 octave

Key covering:  Original celluloid naturals with ebony sharps.

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