Teach You How To Choose Your Own Replica Watches | Part A

In today's popular mobile phones, replica watches not outdated, but more by charm. For consumers, whether it is to choose cheap timer, or Saatchi collection must meet their own needs. To this end, GQ edited the following precautions.


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Words And Deeds Should be Consistent With The Replica Watches.


  • Every man should have some unique decorative accessories, fake omega is a very wise choice.
  • Spring and summer, leather, stainless steel material to replace canvas strap rib material for their own plus points.
  • Buy gold omega replica watches must do what, and depending on their actual needs.
  • Antique replica watches with high collection value, but must buy from the regular sales channels.
  • Among relatives and friends to fake watches as a gift to share, it should be willing to accept, and meticulously kept.
  • Replica watches should be regular maintenance, so you can extend the life of the omega replica.


1. Watch Charm Diminished

Phone really convenient, it allows time to watch is no longer patent. However, this does not mean that the watch needs to become museum exhibits. For men, a pursuit of excellence, the watch is still indispensable ornament. In addition it can enhance a man's dress, but also to reflect the identity of the man, status, culture, and more to a certain extent, revealed a man's sense of fun, ideals, etc., potentially increasing the man's charm. Therefore, men have to remember, even if you're full of admiration for modern technology, do not let your wrist empty. And do not forget, in this era of well-organized, a unique watch is also a good value collectibles.

2. Master Performance Indicators

When you walk into the omega replica store, you first need to know the following five basic performance of the watch. In fact, if you are able to be proficient in them, you can become a watch expert.

Waterproof: Waterproof sheets appear to some extent reduce the tragic events. But let us be clear: the waterproof performance of different watch different. When you want to swim or shower without dismounting the table? Yes, as long as you watch marked waterproof to 100 meters.

Quartz watches: quartz watch quartz swing on battery and calibration, have an unparalleled advantage. It is the timing is more accurate than any other form of watches, worth more obvious.

Functionality: watch an excellent addition to the basic timekeeping functions, but also can have a more practical, such as calendar, stopwatch timer, etc., they can make you a more accurate sense of time.

Mobility: Who would want elements, poor to buy their own problems pointer movement omega replica watches it?

Automatic winding: Many nights, we fell down and sleep, awakened at midnight and from: I forgot to watch winding up. Rest assured, has a self-winding watch function will let you no worries.

3. And The Overall Mix

With the choice of clothes, glasses, handbags, like the choice of watches also must be consistent with the overall dress. Follow these steps, you will glorious position. 1) Select a color based on the strap material. If the strap is made of leather, then strap color and shoe color consistency is very reasonable. This match may slightly OUT, but he is very wise match.

2) consistent with its own temperament. Whether you introverted or extroverted personality, whether you're a sports enthusiast or advocating simplicity, the watch should be consistent with their temperament. Pursuing a low-key man is clearly not choose exaggerated big dial fake watches.

3) you are lazy, do not want to bother to consider a variety of match? It does not matter. A black or white dial replica watches, combined with leather or stainless steel bracelet material, clothing and equipment can be matched with any.

4) consistent with the environment. Watch is used to bring the environment and identity, not excessive pursuit of shiny, eye-catching. Therefore, different occasions with different watch. Participate in festive activities, you can choose delicate, lovely, lovely. On the contrary, to participate in memorial activities, you should seek a low-key, simple, black leather strap watch is a good choice.

4. Do Not Be Kidnapped Watches

Watch can reveal the identity, but if too crazy, but it may matter very anti, give the impression that stereotype. For example, see a LED digital replica omega watches, people will be tempting to think of the owner must be 70, wearing a graffiti shirt, with Apple iPad, listen to punk music; see a traditional Rolex would think the owner is a 60 middle-aged man's birth, love to read, and the pursuit of stable atmosphere, full of charm connotation; and a large dial European watches, etc. will make people very easily contact the owner and cocaine have been.

5. Stainless Steel Omega Replica Watches

A stainless steel material made watch has many advantages. With proper care, stainless steel wristwatch several decades can be bright and precise. And, no matter how changes in clothing, with matching stainless steel watches are. Even slight irregularities, the unique charm of the main steel watches can also provide additional luster.

6. Cheap Is King

Limited edition watches are often valuable. In fact, we do not need to spend a few million to buy a watch. There is never a shortage of inexpensive store things, such as the figure three were Bulova Bulova, Seiko Seiko, Timex Timex (from left). Their market price is only $ 150, $ 165, $ 50.

7. Changes With The Seasons Replacement Strap

Of course not replace the strap is not a big deal. However, as the seasons change, but you can switch to a different strap make you look different. Moreover, the replacement process is simple and inexpensive, well within the ability of ordinary people, simple, slim watch is particularly suitable for this operation, this figure designed by Max Bill Junghans is representative. You just need to cast off the old strap omega replica watches, and then go to the store to buy a new strap in a season to adapt and re-installed on the watch can be. Of course, if you're a crazy online shopping, you can also access worldwide to choose the right strap.

8. Classic Retro Table

The picture is a classic fake omega watches, its dial is sprayed with a classic white designer has a unique nostalgic. Do not think that only those "antique" will love this table, in fact, in today's society, many young people on the wrist are wearing such a table. They look nothing wrong. So, do not think that only the newest modern technology was the most pull the wind, a not fade with time works as good enough.

9. Careful To Wear Sports Replica Watches

Many people make the mistake of thinking that is the sports watch sports watch. In fact, some clear differences between the two must be clarified when choosing watch. Dressed in sportswear, wearing a canvas strap replica watches are naturally very desirable, but if dressed in suits for formal business activities, raised his wrist but saw a rubber bellows-type sports watch, do you also feel a little "special stand alone "mean? After being seen others, they will think you do not know how to modify a vulgar man.

10. Carefully Choose Oversized Dial Watches

In addition to this large body like Yao Ming who, we do not recommend that consumers use a large dial watch, as they relate to your body proportions very uncoordinated, can not accurately reflect your identity and accomplishment. However, some affluent consumers still love the big dial watch, in order not to engender a "nouveau riche" Impression, watch the best selection of dark lines. As a large replica omega black dial with black canvas strap can be more sense of flow lines, more stylish and modern; with dark brown leather strap is more European style. Either way, they will not have a raised Wu sense, but the taste will make you look more men, more powerful and muscular.


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