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The evolution of the piano must be understood to be able to artistically put a vintage instrument back to its original condition.  My approach is, while the musical part of the instrument should be refurbished to play and function much as it did when it was new, the instrument as a whole should carefully retain its patina and evidence of age; a restoration of an authentic instrument should not appear to be a reproduction, but, it also doesn't simply have to remain just a relic either.    It can function and give the gift of music once again.

Many of the earliest instruments I have would certainly be appropriate for those wishing to play early music on a historically correct instrument.  This lets one hear the music as it was originally intended by the composer.  During the 19th century the evolution of the sound of the piano was a steady, but gradual progression of change.  Almost every decade represented a distinct and noticeable different sound from the previous decade.  I have instruments representing almost all of these different tonal qualities.

If you see anything that may interest you please contact me.  While some of the instruments in stock are fully restored and ready to deliver, most are waiting until someone selects that particular instrument for restoration.  I also can restore your vintage instrument.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you find something that will be of interest to you.



Kenneth B. Brewer Antique Pianos

1868 New Deal Potts Road
Portland, Tennessee 37148

Phone: 615.325-2474




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Welcome and thank you for visiting my web page.  My company has been involved with antique musical keyboard instruments on a full time basis since 1978.

I specialize in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of antique pianos, melodeons, and pump organs.  I believe I have one of the largest selections available of vintage instruments for sale with nearly 50 in stock.

I have found that in restoring these instruments, nothing can replace experience!  Of course the people who built these instruments and even those who regularly serviced them have long been gone.

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